Creative Disabled Dance

1.5 hours. Needs: large clear accessible room with access to toilets, preferably with wooden floor not carpet or concrete, access to good stereo for both CDs and iPod (I will provide music). The class can be modified to suit all abilities or disabilities, including wheelchair users and sensory impairment- please notify in advance re high support needs or accessibility requirements.

From a background in Social Work studies, majoring in Sociology, I have a keen sense of social justice, and the rights of marginalised communities to be Seen and Heard. I also love to dance! Especially with people who are often restricted in their personal expression, or have moves hidden inside their bodies that I never would have thought of.

I have been teaching community dance classes in this field since 1997, and am still regularly delighted to see a dancer ‘discover’ who they can be on the dance-floor, with just a little encouragement, some gentle technique, and an atmosphere of empowerment and Fun. I use modified Pilates exercises sometimes for strengthening and stretching, as well as a variety of Improvisation-based dance tasks, in groups, duets and eventually solos.


1 to 1.5 hours. Needs: large clear room, preferably with wooden floor not carpet or concrete, and access to toilets. Some basic equipment can be provided, such as Therabands and Chi-Balls.

With a Diploma in Pilates Instruction, my workshops offer modifications and progessions to suit every individual, whether you are a new or expectant Mum, a football player, an office worker, or anyone inbetween. I pace the class to suit the requirements of the participants, as well as pushing you along just a little bit further ...

The workshop includes a clear explanation of correct diaphragmatic breathing, activation of the Transverse Abdominis (the deepest abdominals) and your Pelvic Floor muscle, and will connect you with your core strength and stability muscles.


1.5 hours. Needs: large clear room, preferably with wooden floor not carpet or concrete, and access to toilets. Includes physical warm-up and hand/arm/shoulder exercises. No previous experience puppetry necessary, but participants must be fairly fit and able to concentrate well and work alone.

"Close your eyes, and feel the puppet breathing under your hands ..." My approach to puppet manipulation reflects my training in Dance and Contact Improvisation, allowing limbs to be moved freely at first without worrying if it looks OK (and I mean the puppet’s limbs, not yours). Discover the ranges of activity your puppet's body can achieve; find out together how you fly, crawl, or curl up to sleep.

There are of course specifics: eyeline, getting up and down with correct transference of weight etc, but most importantly is a sense of freedom, of adventure, in creating a relationship and seeing how far it can go ...


  • Please contact me directly for further enquiries and workshop fees.